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Presentation Topics

Codiscovery 1: What, When, and Why

A “deep dive” into the landmark work of Dr. Bob Barkley and Nate Kohn, PhD, where the science of learning will be explored along with its supporting neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and psychoneuroimmunology.

Codiscovery 2: Application of the CoDiscovery Concepts

Apply the CoDiscovery concepts within the team and practice, a team-centered workshop, focused on implementing new patient-centered concepts and overcoming structural, behavioral, cultural, and other barriers.

How To Create A Learning Organization:

Successful relationship-based, health-centered practices are created and co-lead by special groups of team members who are philosophically in alignment, as well as fully invested in a jointly held preferred future. This hands-on workshop takes you through the essential levels of practice development, where each step of each level will be discussed in detail, and each person will build a physical model depicting the three-dimensional nature of a learning organization and how it works.


The science behind, and application of cannabidiol in clinical practice. This workshop is a deep dive into the science behind the confusing topic of CBD and will include a scientific literature review as well as a discussion of the neuroanatomy involved in the endocannabinoid system.

In general, people don’t have very much knowledge about CBD. This class explains, clarifies, and will help you to erase any negative connotations associated with CBD when discussing it with patients.

Leah B. Wilkins, DDS
Aiken, SC

What a great course, full of information, fellowship, food and fun!  This was a first class experience for me on the topic of CBD, and now I have an additional tool that could not only help my patients dentally, but could also potentially help them with their overall health.  I highly recommend learning about CBD and it’s benefits from Paul Henny. I believe CBD is about to become very mainstream in medicine and dentistry. We learned about the science behind CBD as well as it’s mechanism of action, as well as how to lesson the stigma associated with it.

Tal Wilkins, DDS
Aiken, SC


This course was exceptional, and the dinner was world class!

Michael McDevitt, DDS, MS
Atlanta, GA


Everything I learned was very useful, and many of my colleagues and patients will benefit from this information. Learning about the biology behind CBD, where to source good products, and how to incorporate this information into our daily practice was very helpful!

Irina Chandler, DDS
Warsaw, VA


I would absolutely recommend this course to others! Excellent! Learning about the science behind CBD, and it’s different potential areas of benefit was very interesting!

Rodney Baier, DDS
Restorative Dentist
Visiting Faculty Spear Education
Atlanta, GA


Thank you for an excellent presentation!  I now understand the roles that anandamide and 2-AG play throughout our body, as well as the role of glutamates, and how all of this influences our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Wes Moore, DDS
Fort Smith, AK

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