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This interactive BBSC meeting will help you to learn where your patients truly are, through better understanding their beliefs, circumstances, and values. This process you will enable you to help your patients create their own “Health Success Plan!” Thank you Paul, for confirming that we need to build better relationships with our patients first before we can build better dentistry!

Michelle M. Lee, DMD
Visiting Faculty, The Pankey Institute
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania


This roundtable meeting will help you learn how to shift your patient’s thinking from a left brain skeptical and analytical mode of functioning, to more of a right brain, and creative problem-solving mode. You will also learn about brain anatomy and how the brain functions during various types of decision-making situations. It was fantastic!

Brian S. Vence, DDS
American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
American Academy of Restorative Dentistry
Founder, Chicago Academy of Interdisciplinary Dentofacial Therapy
Oakbrook Terrace, IL


Dr. Henny, I can’t thank you enough for inviting me this weekend. There’s nothing better than like-minded people sharing life-changing experiences the profession has brought to their lives. You guys are just unbelievable, as this weekend scientifically validated the true value of patient-centered dentistry. 


And thank you for bringing Bob Barkley’s son Jon into our community. It is the best way to thank his dad for all that he did for our profession. Bob Barkley had a brilliant mind!


Please allow me to give my perspective of the past weekend: Paul, you experiences with the patients of your practice, clearly demonstrated the transformational aspect of this approach. It helped us to understand these concepts on a much deeper level.


The Mrs. Flanagan interview on day two was impressive, as she was able to accurately express the wonders of this approach so clearly and easily. Her eyes spoke volumes in the video....they were like a powerful, yet gentle breeze.


I feel like my world is a little better after experiencing this meeting! Again, thank you for everything. You guys rock!

Frederico Diego Lima

Prosthodontist and 

Prosthodontics Resident

University of Alabama-Birmingham

Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil



I would strongly recommend this roundtable meeting, as it’s important to understand the mechanisms which drive the process of co-discovery, and which are therefore essential to the success of our ability to help our patients accept, own, and advance their health.

Gary M. DeWood, DDS

Exec. Vice President of Curriculum

Spear Education


It was a privilege to be invited to join such an impressive group of professionals, who desire to help their patients make more healthy decisions. This was a truly exceptional experience for me. I hope that anyone who is interested in this approach, participates in this learning experience at some point, as it will be both unique and uplifting!

Michael McDevitt, DDS, MS


Atlanta, Georgia


This approach to dentistry could save the profession of dentistry as we know it, while simultaneously providing maximum benefit to the public. I totally enjoyed the experience, and especially the opportunity to interact with all of the great people in attendance. Outstanding! 

Thanks Paul!


Kevin P. Dougherty, DDS

Chatham Township, New Jersey


Yes, I most definitely recommend this course! The true Co-discovery process will be lost if it is not properly taught. Co-discovery is an approach which takes more time, but it is definitely well worth it!

Steve Hart, DDS

Visiting Faculty, The Pankey Institute

Chapel Hill, NC



Outstanding! The best part of this experience was the coming together of dentists from across the country and world who are at different places in their practice development journey, and who have a deep and common admiration for Bob Barkley’s work. The amount of learning become exponential as each person’s interpretation and application of Barkley’s principles were shared.

Alice Lam, DDS

Visiting Faculty, The Pankey Institute 

Houston Texas


This way of practicing allows for true professional fulfillment in dentistry. The art of patient connection and interaction is getting lost as small intimate practices are being bought-up or pushed-out by large organizations which seem to be in it only for the profit. If we take the time to understand human behavior and “our ways”, then we will be able to achieve so much more personally and professionally!


Tracy Poirier, RDH

Premier Hygiene Solutions

Ottawa, Canada


This BBSC Co-discovery meeting was incredible! It was an amazing experience centered around how to better partner with patients, and it took “Health Success Planning” to the next level! I really enjoyed learning the neuroscience behind why and how co-discovery creates successful practices, and changes lives for both patients and dentists alike. It was a real pleasure to be around Paul and this incredible group of passionate, gifted people. 


Learning about Piaget's theory of cognitive development was fascinating to me. And I would encourage any dental professional interested in building skills associated with CoDiscovery, to place their faith and trust in Paul and these BBSC meetings.


He is a shining facilitator who provides a unique level of clarity and workable solutions for the challenges dentists face every day.


Lastly, not only are these BBSC meetings superb in their content, but the camaraderie, fellowship, and amazing food makes for a super fun weekend!

Jonathan Barkley

(Son of Robert F. Barkley, DDS)


This BBSC meeting on Co-discovery helped me to learn more about how the brain works with regard to receiving and processing information, as well as how to better communicate with my patients. This process will help my patients to choose better pathways toward higher levels of oral health.

Michael T. McCartney, DMD, FAGD

Adel, Georgia


This workshop is for anyone who wants to develop a truly relationship-based dental practice. The content of this course is invaluable. I am always amazed at how much I gain when I spend this kind of time with such high-quality people!

Rodney Baier DDS

Atlanta, Georgia

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