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Month: September 2019

A Personal Story

In the beginning, it was exciting, and the opportunities seemed endless. The chance to join the dental profession by starting dental school had finally arrived. Years of thinking, observing, planning, studying, applying and competing, had led me through the doors on North University Avenue in Ann Arbor. And like my father, and his brother before …

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Here. Now.

Neuroscience tells us that every time we resist reacting with anger, we are reorganizing how our brain functions, which then allows us to remain calm, more perceptive, and therefore more caring. This is because the source of our anger is often emanating from how we feel about ourselves at the moment, much more so than …

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On Gratitude

Neuroscience research tells us that demonstrating  gratitude, and feeling grateful, aren’t just socially appropriate – they’re good for our health. Gratitude not only gives us that warm peaceful feeling inside, it also boosts our immune system, naturally relieves stress, improves our sleep, relieves depression, reduces our pain perception, and energizes us to keep contributing – …

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What Does it Take to Create a Happier, and More Meaningful Life?

Does living a meaningful life lead to a life which is longer, healthier, and happier?   You bet.    Accumulating evidence suggests that a global sense of meaning in life is related to physical health, including increased longevity and reduced morbidity.   Psychologists and philosophers have long been interested in the human experience of meaning …

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